WorldTicket’s solution is called Sell-More-Seats® and is a sales and reservation system for the small
and medium sized airlines. This means that we can provide you with a solution that is designed for
your needs and not for the needs of the major carriers.

Our solution is called Sell-More-Seats® because that is exactly what it can do; help you sell more.

E-ticket, Interlining & Ticketless
In 2008 WorldTicket launched a new generation of Sell-More-Seats®. It is 100% IATA ETKT
compatible and has been approved by Amadeus as an ETKT compatible solution. WorldTicket is
providing Interline capability via the Amadeus ET Gateway and can interact with any other
Amadeus Gateway partners.

Furthermore our solution also provides ticket-less credit card sales through the GDS’s for those
airlines that do not wish to implement the BSP payment flow.

Flexibility & Usability
This new generation of Sell-More-Seats® is of course still a flexible solution that is tailor made
for the needs of the small and medium sized airlines.

Furthermore the solution has a very high level of usability and is very intuitive. This lowers the
level of required training to an absolute minimum and makes it easier for the daily users to start